Guided Learning with Mentoring

Self-Paced, Convenient, with Guided Support

Don't want to wait for pre-scheduled classes?  Prefer to work at your own pace with a mentor available to answer your questions in detail and provide support throughout your training?  Then our on-demand Guided Learning delivery format is just right for you.   Students can train in one of our training facilities or in the comfort if their own homes or offices. They can attend class in half day increments (morning, afternoon or evening) in a distraction free training environment.  

Media Rich Targeted Learning

Our guided learning delivery is prefect for students who have specific training needs in the areas of software applications, information technology, programming, database administration, project management, and other related areas. Instead of having to wait for pre-scheduled classes, learners can enroll in the program or class of their choice at any time and complete training at their convenience during the training center's operating hours.

This training is media-rich, interactive and engaging.  It incorporates live video instructions, screen shots, Power Point presentations, simulated white boards, and hands-on labs with step-by-step instructions.  Moreover, our on-demand labs are student-specific, allowing their progress to be maintained through multiple sessions.   Following the completion of the course, students may take a post-assessment to gauge their progress and show their readiness for certification exams.

Benefits of Guided Learning with Mentoring

  • Self-paced and convenient.
  • ideal for students with specific training needs.
  • Blends lecture, hands-on practice, and instructor interaction to create the most effective learning environment possible.
  • Productivity is maintained with flexible training scheduling.
  • Uses authorized vendor courseware to ensure proper skill development.
  • Uses "Real-world" labs from vendor learning guides (similar to traditional course labs).
  • Vendor authorized materials for student learning and review.
  • Test Pass Guarantee for qualified certification programs  

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